17 January 2015


Sometimes it just sounds like a garage-psych/goth/jam session...and then sometimes it gets weird. The 5 minute "Sharon Days" could be a BIRTHDAY PARTY/DOORS hybrid, and then they follow it with "Life Not Dead," which basically sounds like the previous cut but on klonopins. Dreary, meandering tracks that drunkenly swagger with a confidence that shines a light to the fog, as if to remind you that CROSS know exactly what they are doing, that the apparent lack of direction (or motivation?) is nothing more than a ruse to tempt you to move along. Don't fall prey. It's a trap. The thing you will move along to is boring and predictable. Stick around for a while. Get weird.

MA TURNER is affiliated with this project, and this cassette comes from Chondritic Sound - that's TWO stamps of quality to shine light upon any shade of doubt.

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