07 December 2014


Hiltz gave me this tape a while ago, just after I posted the TRIGGERVISION '87 demo...shit, that means he gave me this shit like five years ago, which explains why I found it randomly in the glove box a few weeks ago? Actually, what explains that discovery is my lack of organization, but nothing can explain TRIGGERVISION. Equal parts THROBBING GRISTLE, KILLDOZER and SWANS, this chaos was light years ahead of its time in late '80s Jersey...I'm talking PSYCHO SIN irreverence clashing with epic waves of troubled sound - tell me that "Slow Death" isn't one of the most fukkn tortured songs to pass through your earholes. It's not? You're lying (or you need to send me all of your tapes)...and then "Ultimate Border" is just a bizarro psych-freakout of the highest order. No background or context required,  fukk me if this isn't one of the coolest tapes in my house.


Anonymous said...

This was my band. Was joined by some of the most wonderful, creative and destructive people I ever met in life. So beautiful. Thank you for honoring us.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Triggervision ROCKS! I am so happy to be able to listen to this as I haven't heard it since it was LIVE!!! Thanks for adding this for all to hear and enjoy :)Brings back good memories of old :)-Wendy