21 December 2014


Taking a little break. A few days in Albuquerque, where LAUGHING DOG and WORD SALAD will be grinding my face to a meaty pulp, and then RITUAL CONTROL heads out for a few dates in Texas and Mexico. See you fools in 2015, when I will continue tirelessly digitizing cassettes, rambling on about a different cassette every damn day, and hoping for some old punk to drop me a line and tell me that there's this box of old demos in their closet that they just "don't have room for anymore."


Jael said...

please do inform us about the cool places you visit in mexico, i'm going there in february/march and i would very much like to know about it! have a nice and safe travel.

fluorescentskin said...

thank you so much for putting all these demos up all the damn time! this blog and MRR are my small-town lifeline, no joke. hope ya enjoy the break you titan of RAR files, what you do really means something.