05 December 2014


This is what all the cool kids are trying to do right now. Some are succeeding, to be sure, but this comp is what they are striving for. Dark, raw and fucked up punk rock. The more familiar bands included here are ones that don't typically get lumped in with "goth punk" acts, but listen to SELF ABUSE and PARANOID VISIONS in this context and I got a whole different vibe than when I shove them into the anarcho punk compartment in my feeble little brain. A TOUCH OF HYSTERIA, INSTIGATORS, VEX and SCREAMING DEAD round out mainstream contributors, and you can then revel in tracks from LEITMOTIV, BURIAL, PART I, VIOLATORS, QUEL DOMMAGE, FREUDIAN SLIP and several others. A seemingly out of place power pop banger from QUARTA LITE ended up being my favorite track, but they are all top quality. Some monkeys from Portland assembled and distributed these a few years back, and I must say they did an excellent job. 

This one has your name all over it, Joel.



who made this did do one mess up BURIAL is a song from The Deformed
I should know I have all there stuff still a fucking killer song they were a great band the later changed there name to cress

Jakke said...

Whoa totally forgot about this! I made this mix and insert and Cal dubbed the tapes and put it in his tape distro! And yes there may have been a few mixups on the track listing....most of these came from other tapes I and stuff I had at the time. Thanks for posting Robert!