14 December 2014


This could just as easily be a rehearsal recording from some burnout hippies as the product of a small gathering of forward thinking anarcho/art punks but, as rough as This Is Art? can be at times, even the 9+ minutes of "Walking Song" with its lazy violin can be rather endearing. Meandering jams like the opening "I Saw It In A Western Movie" are accidental classics even though LOST BOHEMIA are at their best on the cacophonous "She Wants," which sounds like a beat-era rap set to bookstore jazz reborn as noise rock. Shit is weird, and some of it sounds like drug addled garage blues. The title track is a total brain melter...but it is the last track on the tape, so I would be surprised if you have a brain left by the time you get to it. Can you last 62 minutes? Can....you?

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