19 December 2014


Listen to the start of the second track. Just listen...this is what raw metalpunk is supposed to sound like. I heard their only proper release once, and I was underwhelmed (Late '80s. Alchemy records. Hit your dollar bins, thrashers), but this demo is a fukkn screamer. Equal parts MOTÖRHEAD, ENGLISH DOGS and ripping California thrash/punk, this demo is a power packed assault with So Cal hardcore vocals, metal leads and a drummer that is dead set on playing heavy metal beats, even while his band is getting all primal on some street level crossover thrash. How do you find this energy and honesty today....? I don't know, but I want to learn.


... said...

01 Edge of Doom.mp3
02 Psychoward.mp3
03 Death is Arriving.mp3
04 Innocent prey.mp3
05 Stolen Right.mp3
06 .mp3
07 The End is Yours.mp3


Anonymous said...

I'm not a robot and this is foooocken greeeeeeaaaat!!!!

Robert Plante said...

Where exactly were they from?

Tim Plummer said...

Thanx for the good review! We worked really hard in the studio to accomplish the Edge of Doom demo.

Tim Plummer said...

Guillotine is from L.A. California, we are on facebook, go to Guillotie SCV and check out our page, lots of pics and links to our music on SoundCloud.com