12 December 2014


I was just on the back end of this band - I moved to San Francisco in 1995 but attended almost no shows in Oakland until a couple of years later (that divide is hard to explain, though it was much more severe then than it is now), and I feel like LUNG BUTTER wasn't really playing shows often by then. I caught them a few times in the late '90s, a crusty (looking, not sounding) bunch cranking out weirdo mathy East Bay. It never sank it, but this recording does. It's somewhere out there in the inter-dimensional void between SCHLONG and DYSTOPIA...I would say you had to be there, but I wasn't. This is from when punks could still actually be whatever the fuck they wanted to sound like, and LUNG BUTTER wanted to sound demented.


Patrick M said...

goddamn thank you for putting this on here!! i heard about them years and years ago but was never able to find anything much about them. can't wait to listen to this!


seen them at house party in Oakland my roommate at the time realy liked them

The Boo said...

^^cool story bro^^