02 October 2014


I first heard this band when they asked to a split with a band I play in. On the one hand we were like "Borneo? Yeah, why the fuck not?  Let's do a split tape."  And on the other hand we were like "This band rips. Let's do a split tape." Check the guitar break at the 0:24 mark of the opening track and you'll see why we made the right choice. Hyper energetic fastcore from Malaysian Borneo with obvious roots in US emotional hardcore - XRDM have progressed since this tape (their tracks from that release with NO STATIK are more direct, more insistent....and faster) but these jams are the epitome of hardcore at the absolute limit of containment. Unhinged, passionate...you know the drill. The final track "Wild Cat" is the jam, but all of these nine minutes will rule your day.

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