20 October 2014


"Everything Louder Than Everything Else" is a phrase attributed to one specific band, but Italy's CONFUSIONE seem to have borrowed the mantra for this tape. Tracks from a few early '00s vinyl releases and live shows, they rip through a few dozen bangers in just under an hour, catchy fast hardcore mingling with amped up melodic Eurocrust and blistering fastcore with a more than casual nod to their contrymen form the '80s - and everything pegged in the red for added intensity. The live tracks show a band that I would love to see in person, maximum energy without sacrificing chops and an excellent partner for the blown out studio tracks that make up half of the tape. 40+ songs in all, and I'm virtually certain that I fukkd up the titles somewhere along the line...I would apologize if I was actually sorry, but I was chair moshing too hard to really care.

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