11 October 2014


Just one of the killer DC demos I snagged on the NO STATIK tour last winter. I remember holding up the stack and Nick just went "That's 2013, a year of DC hardcore," and he was right. Not a clunker in the bunch (NUCLEAR AGE and CORRECTION have already stopped by The Escape), and each one has a slightly different feel - as if the same crew of kids tried to make each of their bands distinct. So I guess PURE DISGUST is the kinda street punk/hardcore hybrid, with marbly vocals and amped up Oi! riffing (things that go together extremely well, apparently). Five bangers in under eight minutes, and the intro "Blind To Race" smokes anything on Don't Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget The Streets (which I listened to for the first time ever tonight on my way home from work - true story, good record), while the second half of the song goes somewhere...well, somewhere else.

Apologies for the fuckup on yesterday's NO STAND CREW link, even Wizards make mistakes. 
It has been repaired. 

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