28 October 2014


Listening to this 1989 demo, you just have to shake your head at how advanced these Florida teens really were. Whether it's the infectious garage punk song craft of "Hallucinating," the opener with hooks that could fall in line with the best Reatard-esque bangers, or the SAMHAIN worship that is "Full Of Sin," or even the DRAMARAMA styled "alt-rock love songs played by ex punkers vibe" of the tape's final track "Think Of Me" (no way this one should have been conceived of or delivered by people this early in their journey down the rock 'n roll highway), FUCKBOYZ were way better at doing whatever they wanted than they had any right to be. The mountain of musical contributions that the core of this band would bestow upon us in the years that followed is well documented (YOGURT, HICKEY, LUDICRA, MIAMI, WORM OUROBOROS), and perhaps this recording lacks a little bit of focus but while you dissect and get overly critical, I'm gonna jam the shit out of these tracks today. Repeatedly.

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