08 October 2014


SEE YOU IN HELL ended a West Coast tour in Oakland last year. They were good - like really good. Still kinda confuses me that people don't shit themselves over this outfit - crushing hc/crust with blistering metal drums and a whirlwind guitar that goes from borderline mince-meets-metalcore on the early recordings to screaming melodic Japanese influenced mania on the last few releases. HOMO CONSUMENS rip through 20+ tracks of rapid fire gruff Czeck punk teetering on the edge of falling apart at almost all times. I actually prefer HOIMO CONSUMENS on this tape, but it might be because I like the later releases from SYIH (see below).

From 2002 to 2012, the Jed LP is the realization of more than a decade together - and you'd best realize that this band is a bulldozer. Drums are a constant double bass frenzy and the riffs hurt your brain if you think about them too much...these are advanced sounds that require maximum focus  because they deliver maximum destruction. Crushing and bleak...you get two today because I like you.

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