04 October 2014


The mix tape is a much celebrated thing, and serves many purposes. It can be a guide for a budding punker, directing them past the starter bands and into the world of underground, DIY music (or raw, blown out Finnish hardcore, or third wave UK anarcho punk, or analog synth drone...wherever the mix master wants to send them). It can be a party starter, a collection of bangers meant to create a vibe suitable for fun and good times. A mix tape to accompany you on long drives, or on lonely nights. You can also make a mix tape to help you woo a potential lover, to pull on their heart strings and make them think of you when you aren't nearby, and that was the kind of tape I unwrapped sometime in 1996. No deep cuts, no unearthed would-be classics, and at least two songs that make me cry almost every time I hear them. My wife made for this me before she was my wife...just a girl half a country away that I wanted to spend more time with. Luckily, she wanted the same thing, and were married on October 4th, 1997 - exactly one year after we first kissed.

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kingpossum said...

Best wishes, thanks for sharing. And for the mixtape, it's fabulous road trip music.