26 October 2014


You should know what you are getting from the opening bass drum thumps - even though there are no other sounds in the mix, somehow the mood is set immediately. MISSION/SISTERS meets early CURE from the guitars, and Eldritch by way of Peter Murphy vocals....those are lofty comparisons to be sure, but HOUSE OF BREATH have earned them on this demo. This demo should the standard for the current wave of '80s retro goth, darkwave and/or goth punk band cropping up - if you are going to ape some old shit, then you need to do it right.  HOUSE OF BREATH is 100% derivative, but they are also 100% on point, so they can ape this shit all the way through this demo and the next one for all I care....because the shit is done right. 


Anonymous said...

Fantastic - more like this please!!!

thousandfolded said...

Couldn't agree more with your assessment...this stuff is done right. These are mighty fine sounds. Thank you for the intro to this.