19 October 2014


I snagged this from Irv a few days before he went to jail on some bullshit last year (he's a free man today, as he should be), and lagged super hard on sharing it with you. ATRAKO is like the a bridge between the energy of early '00 fast hardcore bands from LA (HIT ME BACK, LIFES HALT, TRAGATELO) and the scene that cropped up around South Central several years later (RAYOS X, TUBERCULOSIS) - fast, driving hardcore punk with manic drums, crazy hooks and distant, strained high pitched vocals. No song titles, no artwork, just nine killer bangers with an honesty that cannot be faked (pay special attention to tracks six and seven). Sorry you had to wait so long, but I can assure you it was worth it.

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Dan said...

NICE! 2013 demo?
2014 demotracks on bandcamp are pretty good too.tried to order a copy but no response sofar...


can you re up the YOUTH RIOT live @ mission recs again to your other blog? zip file is damaged,tried everything but no luck...thx