17 March 2014


It's possible that this cassette is actually little more than the bedroom musings of some lonely weirdo. It's also possible that out of the thirteen untitled tracks on this tape there are moments of serious outsider success. Drum machine musings with tweaked guitars, sometimes like VICTIM'S FAMILY with the odd time changes (not a fan) and sometimes more subtle and introspective (track 08 could be from a BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE record, I am a fan). As worthwhile for the mystery as for the content. 


Monte said...

Anything having similarities that range from Victim's Family to Bohren & Der Club of Gore definitely sparks my curiosity!

Magrinho said...

Actually, i've heard this stuff before. most of the songs from this demo came from this tape:


and the solo performer is Toshiyuki Hiraoka by the way. Great post, hard to find music, thanks for sharing this