29 March 2014


You can leave your preconceptions at the door and start digging these tunes immediately. Imagine Detroit House injected with Riot Grrl energy. It's weird as shit, yes, but Germany's CAT 'N GUYEN are solid fukkn gold in the "improbable success" department - when was the last time you sang along with lyrics about masturbating on the red carpet? (.....exactly). "Alone In 4 Walls" and "Onions" are my personal choice tracks, but this shit is on it's own planet and it is a place I would love to visit. Get weir, my friends....get weird.

Trim Tab Tapes released this shit...support them 


Anonymous said...

I was about to say that this is weird as shit, but you've already covered that. And you're right.
Tonight's rainy and dull, so I'm going to liven things up by drinking wine and listening to this really loud. Thanks for this and all the other great music you hook us all up with.

zhollows said...

"How to Perform" video is amazing. Can't stop listening to this. Brilliant.