26 March 2014


Spastic and challenging heavy synths are treated with heaps of analog disruption and schizophrenic arrangements on this 2009 cassette. Throw some hesitant rhythms that come across more like frantic pulsations than beats (that's when they aren't buried by the weird shit on top of them) and a booklet filled with photographs of aesthetic and/or societal carnage, and you have the soundtrack to a very stressful and challenging listen. KID KRUSHER did a good job, but all I can find from them (her? him?) is a myspace page that has a few songs from this tape. So yeah...get down.

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Blacktooth said...

This shit is crunchy. If it was a breffess cereal, it would be called "Sparse Crunchies." And you wouldn't pour milk on it. You'd just jam it into your ears. Cheers!