21 March 2014


While an admitted novice in the worlds of noise and modern industrial sounds, I know what I like when I hear it. And with very few exceptions, I like what I hear from the Nostilevo label. This 2012 compilation teams up artists I already wanted to hear more from (SIOBHAN, LIABLE [whose sounds here are arguably more accessible and digestible than ever, which is strange...but awesome], TOLLUND MEN) with the rudimentary dance sounds of BAD USER EXPERIENCE, the sparse electronic meanderings of CHURCH SHUTTLE, and a stunningly dark churning piece from GLASS PATH. Every time I dig deeper into this world, I just want more. Yesterday I got so sucked in that I put on a FRAMTID record just to make sure I still loved hardcore. After I realized that I was indeed still a punk rocker, I went back to listening to a big ass pile of electronic tapes. This tape was in the pile, and so I share it with you today.

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