20 March 2014


Absolutely killer under the radar Yugoslavian hardcore punk from 1986. Put this shit in the US around the same time and QUOD MASSACRE would have been massive. MOVING TARGETS caliber hooks delivered with a gruff Eastern European edge and a hint of metal - the guitar alone is worth the price of admission. As for exactly what is on the cassette...? That's a little tougher. The tape itself appears to come from No Profit Tapes, who released 1986's Fait Accomply. But the cover was handwritten and, instead of the aforementioned demo, there were tracks from QUOD MASSACRE backed with DVA MINUTA MRŽNJE. The first three songs on this tape match up with the tracks credited as "Demo 3" on Fait Accomply, and the remainder are live tracks, some of which appear to also be from the demo but in a different order (and maybe they sound a little better than the other couple of versions I've come across?). Whatever, I'm talking nerd shit here, but the songs are really really good and if I got some weird special version of the tape then hooray for me...since regular visitors will remember that the thing snapped while I was trying to rip DVA MINUTA MRŽNJE anyway.

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music not noise said...

One of the best and most underappreciated. NE! Records compiled both of their demos and some other tracks I believe ---- http://www.discogs.com/Quod-Massacre-Kje-Je-Odgovor/release/3819435