05 March 2014


Fukk it, why not stick with Los Angeles for a third day? OUT OF VOGUE eschewed the raucous thrash of the early '00s for meat and potatoes hardcore punk - more akin to NEGATIVE APPROACH than DRI, and tracks like "Fashion Victim" and "Ol' Joe Rides Again" are quintessential Southern California bangers. I first remember seeing them at The Smell with SCHOLASTIC DETH at the start to ARTIMUS PYLE tour in '02, they were little ass kids and they killed it. They seemed to be the next generation of positive and determined California hardcore, roaring down the road blazed by LIFES HALT and then HIT ME BACK...but punk generations are relatively short and only a couple of years separated those bands from one another (and only a couple more separated them from us). Eric has since played in JUMP OFF A BUILDING, INDEX, NODZZZ (with fellow Thrash2K youth veteran Ant from DOWN IN FLAMES) and others, Uly has been in RAYOS X and a host of seminal LA bands in recent years, and the other two.....I dunno?

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