15 March 2014


Breakdown heavy thrash tinged hardcore with killer gruff NYHC vocals and hook after hook crammed into a scant quarter hour. Maybe the world would have been different for Richmond, Virginia's DIME STORE HOOD had this slab dropped in the mid '00s, or maybe they flirt with enough subgenres that most folks wouldn't have had the patience? Who knows, but this eleven song demo holds up shockingly well. After nineteen ninety sk8, the band became WHHELBITE and released one screaming EP.

***A dude from DIME STORE HOOD/WHEELBITE named Adam (or Alan....? shit) mailed me this tape after we hung out once sometime around the turn of the century. Super nice fellow who I enjoyed meeting, and the tape was packaged much more elaborately than this simple cover scan implies. In 2009 I went to see LOGIC PROBLEM at a bar in SF called Pissed Off Pete's and I got shit ass wasted. Was debating puking in cab, puking on the bus or walking and hoping I could stay awake and on my feet long enough to make it home. The bright lights of the 14 Mission made my decision for me and I stumbled aboard. Adam (or Alan...? shit) was sitting right next to me and I really wish that I had been able to carry on a conversation. Even remembering someone from that long ago is not exactly my strong suit (massive understatement), but it would have been cool to actually have a conversation. If you read this, drop me a line.***
***The vocalist Freeman is (I believe) the frontman for the band FREEMAN, who are basically the original AVAIL lineup with that dude singing. 2010's It Doesn't Matter is an undiscovered gem for fans of the first few AVAIL records.***

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Andrew TSKS said...

His name's Adam Juresko, he mostly does art now (adamjuresko.com). My old band played with these guys a whole bunch of times back in the late 90s, they were ridiculous and fun as hell every time. I agree with you about Freeman, that album is incredible, and totally overlooked.