25 March 2014


Late '90s German punk that well deserves to be lumped in with infectious '80s DeutschPunk, this Bremen band popped onto my radar during the Oakland B.O.B.Fest in 1998 (the year I toured with MUCKSPREADER, and the fest at which I snagged this tape) and to be honest I never heard from them afterwards (the internet tells me there are a few vinyl releases I am missing). But ages later, I can't tell you how psyched I am to unearth this cassette - terminally catchy and shamelessly dark punk tunes, this is just awesome. I would file KORRUPT closer to EA80 than to SLIME, but both comparisons would be easily justified and both are more than complimentary...so, essentially,  I suggest you listen to KORRUPT and find all of their records.

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Unknown said...

there's an issue of Profane Existance with an article on the Chaos Days and a picture of some guy being arrested wearing a Korrupt T-Shirt.