02 July 2013


Punk is different in the south. Punk is too often a luxury in metropolitan areas (especially on the coasts), but when you go to a punk show in some sweltering and foreboding shithole town surrounded by ignorance and cultural void...the shit is necessary. That feeling of belonging, even if you are still by yourself; that feeling of acceptance, even when you are still a complete outsider; the feeling that these people will reach out for you, even if you know that you will never scream while you are falling; and the sound that comes from desire. Maybe I'm putting too much onto NECRO HIPPIES, but this is the band that I needed when I was trapped there. You aren't going to get the flavor of the month today, you aren't going to get the latest trend or some internet based fashion plate steeped in supposed influences from bands you've never heard of but are supposed to love. But what you will get is a brutally honest and criminally good punk tape from 2010. Punk that is necessary. Punk is necessary.


nick said...

excellence. miss em!

convertido said...

Haven't heard the tape yet but as a general reply to what you said. It is real easy to be into punk/hardcore on the coasts. It is set up for the lazy so they can be safely spoonfed without risking shit! I toured the country with a band from Texas in the early 90s and I was amazed, appalled, and at times enthralled by the people I met. By far the laziest, do nothingest, and slothful people resided in the NE cities, Chicago, and the bay area or more generally anywhere that had a large established scene. The infrastructure was already there so the vast majority would just suckle at the teet while the minority worked to keep it alive. In Texas, where I got into punk/HC during 1984 at 13, everyone had to be active (admittedly not always productively) for us to have anything. To this day shows are still a mixture, of voyeurs, felons, tourists, and dedicated adherents. We might be the biggest collection of fuckups you ever saw but no one wants to be the guy that gets the club shutdown or the bands to stop coming to town. From what I remember of the bay area I bet y'all can't say the same. That doesn't mean y'all don't produce some great bands from time to time though!