12 July 2013


Not exactly a mix tape this Friday, more like a mix zip filled with short run demos from some of the most deranged hardcore bands that the dilapidated cornholes of the Midwestern USA is cranking out. Three installments in the 2012 Halloween Cassingle Series on Spotted Race, two songs each from Belleville, Illinois' LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS and TRAUMA HARNESS (the former personifying the term "deranged" I dropped earlier, and the latter injecting much needed aggression into the current trend of reverbed goth-esque dark punk) and KOWABUNGA! KID from Champaign who play deliberate and plodding punk with an attitude that will draw you in faster than you can lament the death of the family farm or blue collar manufacturing. More dark shits, but this time with blown out NEGATIVE APPROACH hardcore barks from LAUGHBOY, plus the much hyped (by at least two of my friends) first demo from LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS and an essential banger from St. Louis' NOSBOS, who the label describes accurately as "├╝ber slimey." These are punks that have existed below the cool radar for so long that they've created their own world, and the world looks pretty fukkn sinister to these eyes. I suppose it's possible that I'm just getting old and that these bands are basically made up of kids I don't know, which is why I think they are "under the radar," but fukk it man: I don't care why they are awesome, I just want to hear more. More from these bands, and more from the kids that they will assuredly influence. Listen to the jams and then mailorder some tapes, they are $2 each for fukks sake.
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Harvester said...

I love all this slimy shit.

Anonymous said...

This makes me so proud. I'm from Springfield, IL and have seen most of the bands a few times. More than half of them played at a local fest recently and fucking killed it. KEEP POSTING MIDWEST WEIRDNESS

TrashDog said...

More Spotted Race mutant jammers



Zen said...

Thanks for spreading the word. Cheers from Urbana