14 July 2013


I pulled these tracks off of a mix tape packed with crucial demos and lifted the cover scan from Kill From The Heart, all so you could dig on one of my favorite under appreciated early '80s hardcore acts. The guitar is screaming, a buzzsaw on top of a furious drum attack that is a little more unhinged on this recording than on their LP (which is mandatory listening in my opinion). And while the vocals that "Nurse" belts out might be a little bouncy, there is an attitude and a ferocity that no melody can hide. "White Skin," standout track, and "Chronic" sounds like the hardcore song that X never wrote. This shit rules so hard, now I need to get myself an original...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this it's a real little ripper! Also, more appreciation from here for using the cloud service that you employ!

Best, Nathan.G