09 July 2013


Tortured, belligerent and snotty hardcore from DFW. Eleven songs in less than ten minutes should tell you what you are in for here - this demo comes from the year two thousand and ten (that's a lot of numbers in one sentence). I wasn't sure if this band was originally called PROGNOSIS NEGATIVE and then they changed to COMPLETELY FUCKED, or they used to be called COMPLETELY FUCKED and they changed to PROGNOSIS NEGATIVE (it's the former, but the internet is initially unclear and/or I am lazy)...either way, both names are good, the jams are solid, the band broke up last year and some of the dudes are now making excellent sounds in SIN MOTIVO. Did I mention that the jams are solid? Yes, I did. Good.

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cmg1066 said...

Could you please repost anything you have from the BCT tape comps....PLEASE!!!