27 July 2013


The band might be new, but these gents are veterans and they know exactly what they are doing. While DEAD SEEDS are drenched in mid '90s guitar heavy punk (the stuff that came after "grunge" had moved on but still wasn't hardcore), the combination of the strained vocals and songs that writhe more than rock deny the listener any kind of real comfort. The parts are all things that we might already be familiar with ("Teeth Like Tombstones" would be a perfect bridge between FUEL and DRIVE LIKE JEHU), but their sum still sounds new and worth far more than the paltry eight and a half minutes that this demo offers. 

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Dk said...

D.S. is goood! My favorite track 'Gimmee Some Rhythm' is just top notch - both lyrically and well...rhythmly Ok, musically. More of this & that, please.