20 July 2013


A few years ago (....ok, it was a lot of years ago), a good friend of mine suggested that I buy this really shitty looking horror punk record out of a dollar bin (he already has all of the records, so he is the perfect friend to shop for records with). I bought that record, and it was awesome. These four songs are not on that EP, but their metallic approach to punk is every bit as evident on this demo as it would be on their killer 12" EP. The influence they take from a certain band is obvious - especially in the vocals - so I've included a few songs from that band in the DL to get your juices flowing (the tracks were on the  same mix tape I ripped them MANIMALS shit from).  But what you really should be stoked about is the four songs from a mid '80s Ohio shock punk juggernaut. "Rot In Hell" tonight indeed motherfukkr.


Daniel said...

Larry the Wolf!!!!!! and his fuzzy boots.

Daniel said...

They had a song on the first We Got Power comp. on Mystic records. I think they were from North Olmsted, Ohio which is a suburb of Cleveland.

Icky said...

Same band?