13 September 2012


As anyone who stops by here with any frequency is well aware, I love hardcore. But I am also shamelessly nostalgic, and bands of youngsters trying to recreate the sounds of my youth is oddly appealing to me. But when those kids (or in this case, one "kid" named Patrick) pull it off like UNUR does, the appeal is not the least bit mysterious. These angular, robotic minimal synth sounds make me feel instantly comfortable...15 year old me with the headphones on in the corner, or perhaps 17 year old me sneaking out of the house to drive the 96 miles to Oklahoma City and dance until dawn at The Wreck Room, hoping that I could make it back before the folks woke up. The vocals will haunt you and the sound will make you swoon. This is their second tape, and both are now available on wax.


zhollows said...

Nice! This has moments of my days of going to see Front 242, Frontline Assembly, or KMFDM (minus the guitars) at the Metro in Chicago. Will there be a new era of Wax Trax in Chicago??

Roach said...

cant download :'(

the wizard said...