09 September 2012


My pal John sent me this a few weeks back - fast, dirty, mean hardcore from Oklahoma City. From the crushing low end opening notes to "Myth Math" right into three minutes of tension in the form of "Ropes And Ladders," these kids approach their sound like seasoned veterans bent for destruction. After the opening tracks, GRG blast through a series of sub-minute crushers (including a MIDDLE CLASS cover delivered with venom) before closing with the anguished "Used." An intense journey through 15 tracks that will take you just a touch over 11 minutes, as if early ABC No Rio hardcore collided head on with CAPITALIST CASUALTIES. I like when my friends send me things like this.


Wizago said...

Man, these guys play like they mean it! Thanks for posting. Reminds me of My Lai, for some reason.

zhollows said...

Yes! Thank you Wizard (and John!). This rules!