24 September 2012


From the same arid concrete abyss that brought us ROTOZAZA comes ABSURDIST. Heavier on the Scandinavian and death metal influences and simply heavier on the heavy, this is a churning blast of filthy guttural stench forced through tortured guitars. HELLSHOCK and ACEPHALIX crashing headfirst into DISCLOSE.


God Harvest said...

This shit is fantastically simple, but effective. Super raunchy. Thanks for this little bad-ass.

Jeroen said...

Great stuff! Looking forward for more from these guys.

Anonymous said...

Hey Robert, thanks for uploading this. Absurdist is based in Vancouver, BC, where I moved a year and a half ago. The lineup is Nick and Sam from Unlearn, plus another guy named Nick, and myself.

Our next release will be a four-way split: Absurdist, Infect Propaganda (BC), Oust (AZ), and Biocidio (AZ).

We also plan on recording a full length soon.

If anyone would like a copy of the tape my email is rotozazaphx@yahoo.com , or, send us a letter:

Joe Martin
1788 E. 12th Ave.
Vancouver, BC V5N 2A5


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, another related band; our drummer Nick also plays guitar and yells in Vancouver c-beat mangel mongers Total War.