08 September 2012


It's easy to throw around awe inspiring descriptors all willy nilly, but this demo fukkn rips.  This 1989 banger is the second of four efforts from San Antonio's MERCYNARY, and it shows them with their bare bones thrash flag flying high. Falsetto vokills, shredding leads and a primitive presentation that would have likely found them a wider audience had the band started just a few years earlier. Vocalist Angel Fuentes still fronts this outfit that started in 1984 (along with several other death and thrash metal bands), but these early tracks are certifiable burners. Since this copy came from an '80s tape trader, you are treated to a few live tunes and (presumably wasted) hessian audio collages on the flip. Sometimes, you win.

"Eat shit and die, fukkn scumbag don't you fukk with me."

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TG said...

Looks interesting, thanks.