12 September 2012


Seriously, those Southern California dudes are really good at this black metal stuff. Minor keys and howling vocals imprisoned by a blinding night fog, TUKAARIA have progressed beyond the shrouds of white noise on the earlier releases (splits with VOLAHN and ODZ MANOUK) and entered the world of truly mesmerizing sound. The voice is wrapped in a shroud of guitar, and the pace is frenetic even when not blazing. Subtle slow guitar leads soar above the chaos, and after six songs I'm left breathless. Get intense.


Stu said...

Thanks for this. For my two cents worth, this is the best blog around at the moment. So much great stuff posted here lately. I really enjoyed the 'Ned's Ute' comp... any classic Australian punk/hardcore is always appreciated.

ido said...

I definitely agree with you. The Black Twilight Circle releases are excellent. Absolutely hypnotic trance. I think they capture the overall barren awfulness of Southern California very well.

The Crepuscular Negro label orders take awhile to arrive, but I've always received my tapes and merch.

zhollows said...

I have to say that black metal is really hit or miss with me. I either love it or hate it. I'm glad to say that this tape is totally awesome! Everything I like in both sound quality and harmonies.