28 September 2012


Anarcho punk, hardcore, crust and chaotic art punk are all represented on this 1994 compilation from Israel. The quality level is exceptional, especially considering the decade of release and the relatively remote  country of origin (at least in terms of geographical proximity to other countries producing punk music - touring Euro and North American bands didn't pass through Jerusalem all that often). Highlights include a ripper from NEKHEI NA'ATZA (probably the most well known band outside of the region, with a few releases on Western labels and a drummer who relocated to the states and played in Okaland's LANA DAGALES), A-SIGN BRIGADE (ridiculously low fidelity and utterly inept anacho punk), LIQUID SKY (raw and catchy punk not that far removed from '80s Spanish sounds), SARTAN HA'SHAD (almost goth sounding effect drenched weirdness, but nowhere near professional sounding enough to not be punk), BETRAYER (maybe they wanted to be a death metal band..but instead they play raw guttural punk), ETHOS (a legit mid tempo mosher, regardless of era, country of origin or intent), and of course the subtle mindfuck that is the DEAD REIGNS track that ends the release. 20 bands are represented, and virtually every one of them is worth your time.


Anonymous said...

im from israhell and im happy to see this awsome classic comp here

from haifa & play in bands here the punk's alive and kicking

check out my bands bnei zonot nazim, erev rav and sigfried and roid rage

mishtara bat zona!!mishtara bat zonaa! mishtara tzarich lisrof ota aahhh!! (the police are motherfuckers, the police need to be burnt down- liquid sky)

nekhei naatza isa must have israeli anarcho punk masterpiece (very early 80's euro hardcore punk influence)

Matt said...

jesus dude, this is fucking awesome. great post

Oski said...

Great post, thanks for sharing!!! Cheers,