21 September 2012


South Africa is one of the most powerful places I've ever been, and I cannot even imagine living there during my adolescence. And to be outspoken political punks in South Africa in the years immediately following the fall of apartheid? A heavy time in a very heavy place. Musically, OUTRAGE dish out spastic bursts of uncompromisingly political dual vocal anarcho punk that has more in common with '80s UK than anything else, but there is a pervasive edge to the band and their sound. Some of that edge can be easily attributed to ineptitude, but I like to think that some part of Johannesburg has managed to work it's way into their sound. I'm rambling....international punk is important. That's all.


Blacktooth said...

This shit is like Crass and DRI moshing at a thrash-metal pro-choice rally. I wanna slam dance with a CAUSE!!! Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

it's down :(

the wizard said...