10 September 2012


Chaotic sound born out of art and expression that bows to no rule (and seems to write no riff). The Bay Area's STILLSUIT are a veritable explosion of sound, treating classifications with about as much kindness as they do their instruments. Maybe the sound is rooted in an extreme amalgamation of '80s post punk, '90s riot grrl and modern electronic experimentation, but I challenge the listener to find any cohesion in these sounds. If their mission is to challenge the ears, then STILLSUIT have struck gold with a dual vocal/dual guitar assault - piercing and aurally trying at every turn. And yet tracks like "7" manage to lure me in...a mesmerizing sonic experiment that stops as abruptly as it exists.

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Dk said...

You hit the nail right on the head. It sounds like they've taken the rawer elements of those sounds and lit the fuse to detonation. And what pleases my ears is resulting explosion of their musical chaos, making the pieces uneasy to reassemble. Fantastic!