24 October 2010


I never really got into THE ACCÜSED. I had the More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral tape in high school, but it didn't exactly float my boat, and the whatever other shit I've heard over the years hasn't moved me to delve deeper into their output. Who the fukk knows where this tape is from, but if I had heard  this monster back in the day, then I have no doubt that I would have spent the last years wrapping myself in the ACCÜSED flag, because this shit rules hard....REALLY hard. The songs here appear on 1985's Martha Splatterhead EP and The Return...Of Martha Splatterhead, released the following year, though I do not know if these are the same versions (I kinda think not, since these seven songs are pretty clearly from the same session, and it seems odd that they would have used the same shit for a Combat Records full length as for an independent EP); hopefully some super fan can clue all of us in. Is all of THE ACCÜSED shit this good? "Lonely Place" by itself makes the whole demo worthwhile - the term "raging" has rarely been used more appropriately to describe blistering hardcore jams. Splatter Rock demo is written on the tape, but frankly I could give a shit if this is a demo or just a recording of vinyl releases, except that if this is the EP recording then I guess I have officially added that slab to my meager but hopelessly optimistic want list. Even the ridiculous "Fuckin' For Bucks" is a fukkn killer, and I can think of few better ways to kill a few Sunday brain cells.

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cdb said...

I never could get into these guys either. They sound good on paper, but the songs just never grabbed me. Interested to check this demo out. Thanks for posting!