16 October 2010


Great hardcore from Argentina circa 1995...the healthy 'crew overtones might date this tape a little bit, but the power of the gang chorus on the opening track is undeniable and I was hooked from the start. Fast as shit, killer breakdowns, full throaty vocals...the circle pit in "Esquivas Tu Propia Ley" is low and mean, the attack is constant and I wouldn't change a thing.  This shit will grow hair on your chest.

Respirando Violencia
reposted May 2013


zak said...


Doug said...

this is awesome! did they release anything else?

the wizard said...

I know nothing about any other releases...or anything about the band at all, actually. I know I like punk though.

Toxik Boys said...

I met this band when the south american Bad Religion tribute CD called "DEVOTOS DE UNA MALA RELIGION" (devotees of bad religion?) came out in 1999. This guys worked there along with 720°, Nada que Hacer, Los Mox (I love this band), Shaila, Cucsifae, Cadena Perpetua, etc.
By the way, Santi (INDIFERENCIA) and Javi (EXISTENCIA DE ODIO - E.D.O.) made the first argentinian hardcore label "IMPACTO RECORDS", their first released were "NUEVAS FUERZAS" E.D.O.'s CD.

(sorry for bad english again)