07 October 2010


I prefer their tracks on Thrasher The Cat's Faves, but "(She Looks Like A) Giraffe" is such a gloriously random combination of mid '80s LA punk and driving Riot City gone cock rock UK shits...think later G.B.H. with the technical proficiency of early TRANSISTORS, add cocaine and viola!: THE OBSCENE FEMALES! The one lesson that I took from this tape: IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T LOVE IT - JUST KEEP LISTENING. And now I think this shit is great, even though I will go to sleep with visions of the guitarist shoving his whammy bar up Meg Whitman's kiester...not because the music is bad, but rather that she is bad. But if he wrapped the whammy bar in money, would she really be that bummed?


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I was the drummer in this band! this was recorded around 20 years ago, we did a couple more demos played some shows all over the place. I have a couple of copys somewhere if anyone wants one! still into music and runa a label onec records www.onec.tv


Anonymous said...

Where was this band from? Members?

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For those who don't already know Paul (face) from the obscene females sadly died on the 2nd January 2011. Just thought I'd let everybody know, he will be missed by everybody who had the pleasure to know him x

M W said...

I saw this band once! The guitarist Neil Davis was a friend of mine - anyone know what happened to him? If you do, let me know because it'd be great to catch up:

And I still have a copy of this tape!

Matt Macefield

chubwolf said...

I'm pretty sure I put a gig on for these guys. would have been pre1999. maybe with Combat Shock? I lost the tape they sent. I'm sorry to hear Paul passed away.
Just listening to the track they had on the crass covers album.

chubwolf said...

oh yeah, the gig was in Torbay.