17 October 2010


EUTHANASIE's later recordings were recently given the vinyl treatment by Loony Tunes Records, which is what prompted me to pull this tape out - compiled recordings from 1985/6, the initial demo from West Germany's EUTHANASIE takes the best parts of Deustch Punk, UK anarcho and brooding goth punk and wraps it all into one great C60. The guitars seem lifted off of '80s BANSHEES records and then reworked to suit the mid tempo political punk. Ferocious and shitty sounding on tracks like "Weisser Schnee," melancholy anarcho tunes like "Justified Rape" create the dark vibe that permeates even the faster tunes that are the highlight of the tape. 14 songs over the course of a dreary and rainy morning.

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there demos are alot better than there records way more gritty cheers.