21 October 2010


I moved from Oakland to Milwaukee in 2002 (though it was a gradual move, and I wasn't completely Midwest based until summer 2003), and was lucky enough to be in the Midwest during a very fruitful few years for punk and hardcore. Killer bands from all over the region passed through frequently, bands from overseas frequently used our house to sleep and shit in, and Milwaukee kept cranking out great hardcore and punk bands the whole time I lived there. But I missed a whole wave of shit from the Bay Area while I was gone...like OUR TURN. The cover kinda gives this one away: ripping youth crew drenched hardcore from San Francisco, but they only existed for a short time and aside from tracks on 625's Barbaric Thrash comps, left us with only this demo. Practically every early '00s youth crew/fastcore revival cliché can be found on these seven tunes, but when Carl urges you to "swallow your pride and take the higher ground // keep your fucking hoods up // and your fists down!" you stop caring that you've heard these riffs before, because now it's OUR TURN. 

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Dan said...

They also had a 7" on Youngblood that still holds up. It seems like that era is the only time that the Bay Area had a wave of youth crew (the Lights Out 7" is fucking untouchable).