11 October 2010


Listen to the riffs cranked out by these Michigan thrashers and relish in raging thrashcore insanity with tasty breakdowns, but feel that high end distorted guitar pierce your fragile and weary eardrums and wince every time the crash cymbal hisses through your temples.... aaahhh, glorious Noise Punk, it must be Monday!! Heavy japanese 'core influence, especially on the drums, with early '00 fastcore song structures, and it's hard to tell if the noisy end product is due more to intent or lack of resources, but the vocals are terrifying, and the extraneous noise ramps up the ferocitometer until everything is pegged in the red. What better way to start the week than with 8 minutes of government hating punk loving noise laden rippers circa 2003? I couldn't think of one either, so get into some Detroit style Howling Punk Oblivion.

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