23 June 2010


CHRISTIE are another mystery band (try searching the internet for a band named "CHRISTIE" - and good luck). These six tracks also appear on the flipside of my equally mysterious CYANIDE SCENARIO cassette (which might be an unreleased INTERNAL AUTONOMY recording, though I really can't be sure...but I digress), although in a slightly cleaner fashion. I opted to share the dirtier version, the white wash and distorted hiss suit the brooding melancholic music perfectly. Saccharine sweet female vocals are certainly the focus, but blown out ethereal guitars bring to mind a more rudimentary PRIMITIVES (or perhaps the FIZZBOMBS are a more accurate comparison?) and the songs are easily catchy enough to sit alongside many 80s bands of this ilk, although CHRISTIE clearly never achieved that status. If anyone has any background (or foreground) information, please share...past bands, future bands, other recordings? 

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Aesop said...

I kinda love this. Thanks.