27 June 2010


I posted their 1988 demo last year, and this is ALIENATION's offering from the previous year. Way rougher around the edges, but at the same time this one is way less punk...dark self indulgent guitars and a greater emphasis is placed on the "I'm so spooky" vocals while the rhythm section (particularly the bass) seems barely able to fake their way through a song. The result is confusing, often out of tune and disconcerting, but overly endearing in its urgency. 

"sometimes I need to get away // away from what you say // sometimes I don't want to see today // sometimes I think I've lost my way" 


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the wizard said...

well, I did describe it as "confusing" "disconcerting" "out of tune" and said the bass could "barely keep up," so I figured that "sucks monkey balls" was implied. The complete ineptitude is what makes me like it.

but mostly: keep drinking!!