11 August 2017


My affinity for São Paulo trio RAKTA cannot be overstated (ask anyone who knows me). There are very few bands who have hit me the way that these women have - ever - and they are included on a very short list that I hold close to my heart. I was honored to help them with a west coast tour last summer that included a very long and very hot and very intense drive through the desert that culminated in a bizarrely perfect night in San Diego, where I recorded this set exactly one year ago today. Months later, before I invited myself on their Texas/Oklahoma/Mexico tour (Colombia too, but I didn't invite myself there), I asked SOW DISCORD to treat some of their live sounds with his magic so I could have something for the flip side of this tape that I got permission to release. It was perfect - Dave (IVENS/SOW DISCORD) had never heard or heard of RAKTA before I solicited him and he kept sending me messages asking about the band as he was working on mixes and reworkings of their sounds...by the end of the night I feel like he was as connected as I was to their music and the atmosphere that they create. I cannot imagine that many visitors to The Escape are not already familiar (for those who aren't: GO HERE NOW), but this tape captures one of my favorite RAKTA sets, and Dave's treatment and interpretation of their aural presence helps capture their essence.

The timing of this post is not even remotely coincidental. 

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Jeff said...

oh man, thanks so much for this! I love Rakta too -- have seen them twice here in Cleveland, and hope they'll make it here again sometime soon. Awesome band. Cheers!