22 October 2014


Feisty hardcore/thrash from Modesto. Not familiar with Modesto? I don't want to malign the meth infested outlying Bay Area hamlet, but suffice to say it's never been a hotbed for punk - the punks smart enough to know better tend to hit the road for SF or Oakland as soon as they are able. But thankfully for us these dudes stuck it out to crank out this 13 song banger, and it fukkn rips. Early '80s vibe, harnessing early SUICIDAL and MDC and dropping one screaming track after another. Songs like "Family's Only Family" are undiscovered classics, just top notch California hardcore...apparently the late '80s weren't a total void?


Anonymous said...

Mind link. Had this on the other side of a DBC cassette in 1989. For some reason it popped into my brain three days ago, leading to a fruitless Internet search. You are amazing and thank you.

Anonymous said...

man, thanx for this. stuff like this makes my day. thanx again.

gloom666 said...

My old band Romper Room Rejects played a number of shows with these guys. The one I recall best was either in Chico or Davis at a college. Also played at a pizza place with them. This was all during 1987. These guys live sounded a lot more like Attitude Adjustment then they do on this demo. listening to this really takes me back. thanks buddy. Nate