09 June 2023



The magic of a good mix tape is hard to deny. The way songs flow together, the songs you've never hear by artists you already know, things you've heard of but wondered about, acts that grab you and hold your interest...or just a really good listen that floats around the room while you go about your day. Songs For The Sun is all of those things and more. Just a beautiful collection of sounds from VELVET UNDERGROUND, SKIP SPENCE, THE FUGS, MICHAEL YONKERS, LONNIE HOLLEY and several others...it just hits perfect. Closing each side with drunken 10+ minute violin ragas by HENRY FLYNT is an extra nice touch (even if it was unintentional). Hats off to the creator.

Today marks fourteen years of Terminal Escape. I realize the format is a relic, and I realize that many earlier visitors are not even aware that it is (I am) still here....but it is (I am). Also - most of the Escape posts are being hosted at archive dot org now, including dozens of posts with dead links. Me? I'll just keep posting tapes.
Every day.


Anonymous said...

Terminal Escape is GOD

The Boo said...

Incredible run - keep up the good work!

rev.b said...

Congrats on 14 years You do still have an audience, we simply don't say much and speak only upon request.

Str8ev said...

We’re still here…thank you for your service my friend

Anonymous said...

I read TE every day! Keep going my friend, your work is appreciated.