10 June 2023



For more than two decades, SISSY SPACEK have been blurring lines that separate thunderous noisecore, harsh noise and grind. Their sound lurches and lumbers and crashes, something more akin to a car crash relived in slow motion than anything approaching music. But of course...this is the point. On 2013's Billions And Billions from the venerable Chondritic Sound label, SSSYSPCK open with the 20+ minute "Belt" that sounds like terror itself tightening around your throat, with no structure, no rhythm, no regard whatsoever for the listener - just swells and surges and violence and a group absolutely having their way with you. While the flips side is somewhat more subdued ("Pink" into "Dislocation") the two pieces serve as an ominous harbinger instead of anything approaching a come down. Disorienting, casually chaotic sonic torture of the highest order. 

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