02 June 2023



I think there was a copy of this record in every North American bargain bin for most of the 2000s. It seemed like there was a battered copy in every distro crate that had been flipped past by every kid looking for WOLFBRIGADE and TRAGEDY records....and I get it. At a certain point when you see a record everywhere, the "I can get it later" thoughts start to get infiltrated by the "well...seems like no one else wants it" thoughts and the record is doomed. But you know who's really fucked in this equation? Every motherfucker who didn't buy this fucking masterpiece. DISGUCTING LIES are '90s crust embodied - talking STATE OF FEAR and DEFORMED CONSCIENCE caliber churn - razor sharp and delivered with relentless brutality. The break in "Się Ściemnia" is worth the entire fucking record on its own, and every time you hear the band drop out and leave the fierce bass rumble isolated you brace yourself for the blast that you know is coming, and the blast kicks your ass anyway. Two decades later - this is still how you fucking do it. 

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Anonymous said...

you are right! I must have flipped by this record for a few times over the years (with the "I'll get it later" thought). the Polish were masters of this kind of grinding crust with solid death metal technique (drummers!) at the time. State Of Fear wish they could hold a candle to this band! thank you for this excellent piece of crust history! now I have to set my sights on the record!